Monday, July 01, 2013

RIBA Sandcastle competition Margate.

The Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA Sand Castle Challenge went ahead on Margate's main sands on Saturday. 
The beach is particularly good for sandcastles having a very large sandy beach, part of which remains out of the sea except for very high tides.

Team Yellow JRA architects

I liked the idea of architects and planners making sandcastles along with teams made up from the general public.

Team The Family Planners working on their fantasy castle.

  I've always loved the idea of sandsculptures but have yet to try any out on the beach.
I remember seeing some semi permanent sculptures of mermaids and sea creatures at some seaside resorts when I was a child, and I really loved them.
Ryan Richards

There's also something about the transient nature of sandcastles that is appealing, having the tide fill in the moat around your castle and finally the waves toppling the structure.

The weather turned out well, in fact very hot in the afternoon and sandcastles were being watered to stop them from completly drying out.

Dmitri Ivanoff and Petra Lui building their sandcastle.

There were some great sandcastles, from a turtle to octopus, castles to a race track and a Roman Colosseum . I think adults outnumbered children for this event and they seemed to be enjoying the day as much as the children.
Ryan Richards and Karen Richards hard at work.
Andy Blake works on his turtle.

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