Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Margate carnival

The annual Margate carnival went ahead on Sunday  after some fears that it might be cancelled because Mick Tomlinson a stalwart organiser of the carnival for the last 57 years was wanting to step down. He agreed  fortunately to oversee this years event and prepare to hand over to a new group of volunteers.

Fortunately he continued in the role this year, but it reminded me that a lot of community events are reliant on the energy and commitment of one or a small group of people for their continued existence.

It was a very hot day, I took some shade under the balcony near the gardens while I and  the crowds around me waited for the procession.

The street traders were out in force with their wrigglers on sticks, balloons, candy floss and toffee apples.

I still like the fact that these events are with the sea and beach in the background, something quite different from London.

I enjoyed the dancers, costumes and floats. The swan dancers costumes were beautiful, the samba and tropical themed danceres were energetic and brightly colourful with that real sense of a hot day.

The mechanical lions were great and Binbot pretty amazing, made from wheelie bins.

People seemed to be enjoying themselves and Margate seemed to come alive with all the crowds and energetic atmosphere.

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