Friday, October 10, 2014

Beach Findings.

There are some beautiful colours in the seaweed washed up on the beaches, and I have been photographing a few of them. The vividness of the colours is amazing, the bright, bright greens and rose red seaweeds especially. Such a variety of forms, it would be good to paint some of them.

Sea foam also seems exotic and strange on the beach, like lace for a mermaids dress. It's transient nature had me photographing some at Joss bay especially gorgeous with rainbow colours in the sunshine.

The sea wash balls or egg cases from the Common Whelk are also one of those mysterious things that wash up from the sea

Other areas of beach are full of seagull footprints, making patterns on the beach. I liked the tyre tracks left by the tractors on the beach with seagull prints in between, looking like a strange carpet or floor.

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