Thursday, October 09, 2014

Folkestone Triennial

The Folkestone Triennial is running till the 2nd of November  website here  and I've had one visit there and hope to go again before it ends.

There are a range of public installations and sculptures around the town and harbour including Alex Hartley's Lookout where a vigil is taking place on the top of the Grand Burstin Hotel.  Alex Hartley's work is a temporary structure echoing the Peace and Occupy camps or those of refugees and looks out over the harbour.  Alex Hartley's website here

There's a daily blog from Lookout  here  A number of different people have been staying in Lookout and also writing journals and taking photographs  I have been reading Em Peasgood's journal which was honest and moving. Em is orchestrating an arrangement for steel orchestra and choir being premiered at Turner Contemporary. Her journal entries here  and website here

Andy Goldsworthy has also created a work with a team,using clay from Folkestone beaches. His works usually involves using materials from the environment and in His Clay Window and Clay Steps,Andy Goldsworthy uses an empty shop, where the windows and walls have been covered in this clay.
Walking in you are in darkness with the smell of damp clay around you. Slowly you become aware of the cracks in the clay on the window as the clay dries out. Info here      Some lovely photos of Andy Goldsworty's sculptural works on Melt here

When I went to Folkestone the Art Car Boot Fair was on in the harbour car park. I have always enjoyed going to them in London and was pleased to see it happening in Folkestone. website  here

On the harbour beach people were still hunting for the gold bars that had been buried by artist
 Michael Sailstorfers  info here      The tide was coming in so there wasn't much sand left, people were digging to the last though.

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