Monday, May 30, 2016

24 Degrees, at the Sidney Cooper Gallery Canterbury.

Ruth and I went to Canterbury at the weekend to see the Degree show at the Sidney Cooper Gallery.
link here   The show called 24 Degrees, BA Fine and Applied Arts Degree Show is on till the 11th June.

It's always interesting to see what art colleges are doing, and the range of work was wide and varied.
From more traditional painting and sculpture to installations with beer cans and moulded black plastic.

Sharon Abayomi was showing work, with a great combination of sculptural forms of wood and Nigerian textiles influenced by Yinka Shonibare who is also showing work at Turner Contemporary at the moment.

The bubbles in Valentina Arno's work intrigued me, her work inspired by Joos van Cleeve painting called Homo Bulla.

Rosie Clay was showing ceramics, I loved the sculpted surfaces and the inclusion of the pieces of cut out clay.

Vicky Finch had set up an installation of forms of fantasy birds and insects and microscopic life in black and white. Formed by lino cuts wrapped around paper and mod rock sculptures. There was a mythic and totem like quality that I responded to.

Cyd Parker's paintings also explored allegory, signs and symbols with painterly stokes of colour.

Other artists and works include Holly Hickmore's amazing horse sculptures, Kevin Monk's "Realm of the Dream Nightmare" and Sam Webbs sculptural forms from found materials.


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