Thursday, May 12, 2016

3 Way Mirror exhibition Pie Factory Margate

Saturday 7th May was the opening of a new exhibition at The Pie Factory in Margate, called 3way Mirror. Pie factory website here.

An exhibition of ceramics and paintings by David White, Marilyn Williams and Steve Lobb.

I loved the ceramic pieces that Marilyn had made inspired by the foreshore, using the forms of birds. I liked the subtle changes of colour from piece to piece and the characters of the bird pots. More about Marilyn's work here

David's paintings explored the natural world, with often vibrant colours, which I responded too, there was also a portrayal of  the human exploitation of this world. He was also showing ceramics, working in collaboration with musicians.


Steve is also concerned with the greed of human nature as well as the forms of water and water lilies, beach and forest. I liked the tranquillity and forms of the lily pad paintings.

The exhibition is on till May 18th and is well worth visiting.

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