Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Exhibition at Crate. Jemima Brown Figures in a Political Landscape

It was good to pop into Crate exhibition space in Margate over the weekend.
I had been intrigued by publicity for an exhibition called Figures in a Political Landscape, showing 3D sculptures using found materials, so was pleased to be able to call in to see them.

Jemima Brown the artist, was in Crate, using the space as a temporary studio as well as exhibiting her latest work. Website here.http://www.jemimabrown.com/

It was really good to have a conversation that covered things like  making art, politics and moving from London.

Jemima's work in Crate includes her sculptural pieces arranged on tables with art work on the walls.
I enjoyed the humour of the found materials she uses to make the figures, which include things like retro glass vases, pot cleaners and tin foil. This humour and the use of found objects draws you into the subjects and invites conversation.

We talked about her early memories of Greenham Common and how that has been an influence on her thinking and art making around the ideas and depictions of women with a social critique.

Jemima working in Crate
This exhibition looks primarily at Tory woman such as MP's wives, a chance synchronicity given the recent political events, the show was not planned to be open during the election campaign, but apt all the same. Jemima spoke about the importance of understanding your subject matter too. As an artist I understand the need for the integrity that Jemima shows in her work, drawing and painting from documentary sources and her own references.
 We also talked about the importance of gathering work together in order to see the links and relationships between pieces. I find that a problem working from home and not having the space to see work altogether.
Jemima was appreciating that opportunity at Crate to take that time and pay attention to exactly how she would arrange her sculptural figures with her figurative drawings.

The exhibition is on over the weekend 2nd/3rd and 4th of June, 1pm till 6pm or by appointment.
The closing party is on Friday 2nd June 6/9pm.
Crate's website for details    I really recommend a visit to  Jemima's exhibition.

CRATE Studio and Project Space
1 Bilton Square

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