Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Concrete and Glass Shoreditch exhibitions

I went to some of the art events at the new Concrete and Glass festival in Shoreditch last week. I didn't make the openings, but wandered around the streets finding a lot more galleries than I thought were there before. I knew around Hoxton was becoming the East End art gallery area, but hadn't realised how much was there.

The old Shoreditch Town Hall basement has been used for a while, I found the un-modernised, dark and creepy space very interesting visually went I had been there before. This time a lot of the exhibition, Heart of Glass. was suitably unsettling to match the venue.
There was an atmospheric installation of steam, generated and blown into minature tornados, by Alistair McClymont, a disturbing horsebox piece that featured sounds of agitated horses, screaming and seemingly trying to kick open the horse box and escape,by Paul AQrchard. There was a ghostly projection of a woman on the wall. dim lightbulbs, films and paintings. Martin Sexton, who I met at the No More Grey Gallery, had a piece called "The Levitation of John the Baptist", which was a very realistic minature head floating in a cabinet decorated with angels and other symbols.

The Riflemaker Gallery had a show at the Rochelle school,"The Glass Onion Shop" and had a range of work including a participation painting by Yoko Ono, which had a box of paints next to it and when I was there someone was busy adding their own bit to the painting.
PSJM had some light box works using famous brands logos and the words "Made by Slaves for Free People" which I thought were very clever.

Hanging from the ceiling were strange forms, rather like chrysalis or cocoons, while Anabelle Moreau showed large curved panels with beautiful coloured surfaces. The space was surprising considering it was an old school building, Rochelle school, maybe this is a way forward for schools, incorporating galleries.

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