Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photomonth Photofair Spitalfiels Market

I have been very busy getting photos ready for the Photomonth Photofair that I'm having a stand at tomorrow and Friday the 16th and 17th October 10am till 5pm.

It's a new event for Photomonth and I thought it was worth applying for a stand, there is a lot of publicity for the event and a lot of shows. I'm going to show a mix of work, London urban scenes and the natural world, prints and some cards. I have had a bit more tuition with photoshop and have been drawing on some of my photos of the moon.

This week is the big one for art fairs, Zoo, Frieze, Scope, etc, I haven't managed to get to any over the years yet. I was interested in the idea of the Free Art fair, where all the items in the exhibition are given away at the end. It seemed last years event had ques of people waiting for a chance to get one of the pieces.

I don't think I'll have ques of people at my studio giveaway, I'm also giving away for free a lot of paintings and studio stuff next week in my studio clear out. It was quite good going through all my old work, some from 25 years ago. It was time for me to let some work go, so I sorted out a large pile.

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