Tuesday, September 08, 2009

E17 Art Trail Part 2

This year I am trying to see some parts of the trail that I haven't had chance to look at before and one of them was the privet view where Michael T. Holland shows his photography and this year Virginia Cucchi and friends were showing Naturalist Evolution. The weather was hot and sunny so the outdoor gallery was safe on Michael's hedge. He was still putting up some work when I was there, a great selection of images including insects and landscapes.
Just up the road, Virginia was also assembling her piece using white flowers in a work inspired by Arabic gardens.

Walking back up Hoe Street I diverted to see Alice Mara's ceramics up Aubrey road. The good thing about the Trail that others have said as well, is that it takes you to parts of the area you haven't been to before. I really like Alice's ceramics, her use of urban scenes, supermarkets and the old Dog Track in Walthamstow.

Further up the road, saving 2 major venues for later in the week, I just had chance to call into the Quaker Meeting House to see Witness by Alke Schmidt. Alke has a sure touch in bringing a political consciousness and artistic sensibility together. The factory chimneys in the bottom of the traditional Chinese scroll paintings caught my eye, their presence an ominous shadow on the traditional landscape. Her use of the more feminine work of crochet spread across the walls and on some of the images, brought a new sense of possibilities or potential into the themes of oppression and environmental issues.

The Trail continues this week and weekend find out more here

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