Monday, September 07, 2009

E17 Art Trail Part One

Well the Art trail is definitely underway. I put up my exhibition in the window of Waterstones book shop on Friday with the help of my sister Pauline. I always find it daunting, the first part, starting to place the items in an exhibition, so it was great to have her skills.
The staff in Waterstones were a real help too, finding us a background poster and fixing it up. I am happy with the results and hope people enjoy the different sorts of books on show.

From my exhibition I went up to the launch party at the Vestry House Museum, I was feeling rather tired after my busy week, but was glad to stay a while meet some folks and look at some of the work on show around the museum.
Valerie Grove's installation, Baggage Claim, was intriguing, a number of suitcases placed around the museum gardens whose contents you were invited to see and I was pleased to find I had a conker in my bag to add to the contents of one suitcase. Dean Reddick had a lovely pencil drawing of an oak tree, and Sba Shaikh was showing work The Personas of Mehraj with beautiful colours, textiles and photographs. Mencap artists were again showing their skills in a range of mediums.
Saturday morning found me putting up free work for Art Grows on Trees, Katja and Dean and his family brought really great stuff to hang. It's always a real pleasure to say to people yes you can take it away with you.

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