Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Faith and Image talk and FOE. Exhibition

Last week I was pleased to be giving a presentation about the connection between my art work and my practise as a Buddhist to Faith and Image, a group of people interested in art and belief at ST Mary's church in Woodford.
I had been invited by Graham Dixon and he kindly put together a PowerPoint of my work with an introduction by himself including some great images of Buddhist caves near the Mongolian border that he had recently visited.
It was good for me to reflect on my art work and its connection to my being a Buddhist and to

put something down in writing about it. The presentation went well, people were interested and had questions and I took some original work in to show people too.
Jonathan Evens, vicar of ST John's Seven Kings and secretary of Commission 4 Mission has included a great blog about my presentation which can be seen here labeled Faith and Image.

The Friends of the Earth exhibition finished on Sunday with a closing party, comments left by visitors said that they had found the exhibition stimulating, interesting and challenging. There was plenty of information about climate change and work by Friends of the Earth to be taken and while I was invigilating there it was good to hear people wanting to know more about what they could do to help the environment.

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