Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Favela and Fountains on the South Bank

The South Bank has a festival of Brazil on till the end of the month, and one of the works Project Morrinho is a model city, inspired by the work of young people in Rio de Janeiro, which is being built outside of the Festival Hall.

I liked all the details including several this is not a favela signs. I'm not sure how well the conditions in a favela are really evoked by the piece, though I think there has been a programme of activities attached to the work.
I also liked the London details in the construction.

Jeppe Hein's art installation Appearing rooms is working just a bit further along towards the Purcell room. It is the series of fountains that appear and disappear and children and adults all seem to enjoy the running into the clear spaces before the fountains cut them off and if lucky not getting too wet in the process.

Some come prepared with towels and costumes too.

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