Monday, August 02, 2010

Hackney Wicked and Marsh Lane

I managed to get over to Hackney Wicked this year, an arts event held over a variety of studios and spaces around Hackney Wick. The area is still pretty run down, although the Olympic stadium and park are literally just over the river from Hackney Wick.

There was a market there, which runs quite regularly, vintage, crafts, bric a brac and food. I liked the vibe, the alternative nature of the place.

The Schwartz gallery were showing work by Doug Burton, I watched the computer generated animation, which was fascinating. The forms flowing and changing, exploding and melting away.The Found Art Collective, had all sorts of found, dumped objects on display, including old TV monitors, some flickering into sparks of life, metal, wood, doors and spools of film all arranged in some sort of groupings.

Hanna Clarke and Kit Merrit had filled their studio with documentation of 24 hour periods, questionairres, tables, and notes all around. I was only able to see part of the event and a few studios, Neale Marriott's landscapes in oil stood out and Ayano Endo's shamanic work and the mixed media work of Abigail Thomas.

I have also been walking down Marsh Lane, the grass all withered and brown this summer. It seems as if it is the meeting point for crows, dozens of them on the fields and many of their large black feathers on the ground and standing up in some strange ritualistic pattern.

I collected some of the feathers, I'm not sure how I will use them yet. There were rows of thistles down near the Waterworks, their seed heads coming apart in the wind, I stayed to watch and take photographs.

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