Saturday, September 11, 2010

E17 Art Trail and Illumini opening

Today I was putting up some more free art around the trees by the bus station in Walthamstow, with Dean, Dean putting up more of his great plaster fruit, his children helping out and Alban putting up some of his mini art works as fridge magnets. Alban's site here.

Quite a lot of people were looking and picking art as soon as they were going up.

I managed to have a look at the Walthamstow and District Photographic Society's exhibition in the Central Library, John Parish's Willow caught my eye with it's subtle sepia tones and texture.

Peter Hall's Flower Forest and Stefan's photograph of 2 birds, Looking Both Ways, also stood out for me.

Upstairs there were some colourful canvas's by Sonia, Masks in Every Day Life where faces/masks were intertwined in complex shapes and forms.

Downstairs Ronald Bowman was showing a large series of watercolours, painting animals, birds and flowers, which were proving popular by the visitors.

On Friday Illumini held their opening at Shoreditch Town Hall. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the variety of illuminated art works and performances. The event is on now info at Illumini

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