Tuesday, September 14, 2010

E17 Art Trail, Art Grows On Trees.

I managed to have a look at a few more exhibitions last week, as part of the Art trail as well as putting up some more free art for Art Grows on Trees.

Dean had made some more of his great apples and bananas for the trees, and Alban had brought more of his fridge magnets for the trees and around the Trail.

Dean had some more of his work at the Vestry House Museum, Sculptures and drawings including a great piece Bogstack Blocks. Dean's site here

Alban was also showing Magnetic Walthamstow, featuring some of his drawings of Walthamstow, on fridge magnets.Alban's site hereAlso at Vestry House were New paintings by Andrea Humphries, bright still life paintings, and Scenes from The High Street:E17 by Joan Gibbins. I liked her screen prints of the fruit boxes from the market.

Raewyn Harrison was showing some of her architectural ceramics, themes included the Victoria and Albert Museum. With the peeling textured glazes and printed images the pieces were both mysterious and quirky. Reawyn's site here

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