Friday, September 17, 2010

Higate Village and David Hollington

I picked up my photograph from Lauderdale House and found a really great exhibition of work there by David Hollington. His site here. I was intrigued by the mixture of Hindu and Christian/British symbolism and landscape and drawn to the delightful energy and expressions of the animals and birds in the painting.

It's always great to find another artist tackling the subjects of spirituality, myth and symbolism and combining traditions or cultures. I wanted to find out who he was and what had lead to these paintings. On David's site there is a good description of how his passion for Indian and Hindu art, culture and religion developed and I thought the quality he mentioned of devotion, is something that is conveyed in the work

While I was there I walked up into Highgate village and took some photographs. The only problem being the constant traffic, I could see how lovely a place it must have been without all the cars and vans constantly driving through.

There was an artist working in bright colours with his easel set up on the pavement, outside a traditional tea room. Only one or two people spared a glance his way. Maybe he was a common sight there.

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