Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Drawing in the British Museum.

I've just been going through my sketch books looking at the drawings I made at my class in the British Museum last term.
It was good to spend a bit more time in the different galleries again and to be with a group of great people. I had to get used to the dozens of people looking over my shoulder again, making comments to each other about the work and being photographed!. It didn't take me too long though.
the class was caught by the tube strikes, for me anyway, I didn't try to get in on those days knowing how chaotic it would be on all the transport systems.

I enjoyed the European galleries, the Asian galleries and back to the Elgin Marbles where I had been in previous classes some years ago. We are planning to meet up again as a class regularly which I am very pleased about as good intentions to go back to draw are helped along by having a focus or opportunity.

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