Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Four Seasons Winter Exhibition at the Hornbeam.

I have started putting up the second part of my Four seasons exhibitions at the Hornbeam this week. The Season being Winter this time.
There are two paintings downstairs," Snow Falls into Silence" and" Winters Morning Dawns Clear and Calm". These are acrylics of winter landscapes, the colouring has a touch of an imaginary world, snow flakes fall down and glitter highlights one piece.

Upstairs there is part of a series of photographs Into The Storm, from one part of my journey from London to Shropshire during the extreme winter weather we had, the weekend of the 17th December.
The photographs show the approach of an impending storm, where the clouds turn bruised and black. As the train goes into the storm, snow starts to fall and the landscape closes down eventually to white. As we pass on in the train we gradually emerge into sunshine, snow and blue skies.

It was something quite spectacular and riding in the train made me conscious of the power of the elements around me. The storm seems to have been some sort of premonition too, the great little railway I was travelling with, Wrexham and Shropshire, has just closed unfortunately.
It seems it is very difficult to compete with the likes of Virgin.

I will be putting up some larger photographs from the journey shortly to complete the exhibition which is on till the end of March.
The Hornbeam is open Wednesday to Saturday and serves drinks and great vegetarian food.
458 Hoe street E17 9AH Tel 0208 558 6880 Hornbeam's website here

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