Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pelicans and people at St James's Park

I was walking in St James's Park last week and was pleased to see the pelicans near the path. I hadn't been that near to them before and was surprised as I came near to see that one of the pelican's was allowing people to stroke its head.

I took photos of the swans and pelicans and also tentatively stroked the head and neck of the nearest pelican. The feathers were soft and cool, longer feathers on it's crown and I gently stoked down to its wing and then scratched around it's neck.
It was a privilege to be this close and stroking the bird and other visitors who were brave enough, were also enjoying stroking the one pelican who seemed happy for us to do it.
The sun was shining even though it was cold and there were quite a few people in the park.
As I walked on further one man was taking his ferrets out for a walk and also showing them to others who were interested. Two men were boxing, training near the cafe and joggers were running past.
I was pleased to think there were all these different people, birds and animals,( squirrels were also out in force, taking nuts and food from visitors,) sharing the park happily, I was left with an optimistic feeling for the day.

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