Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Dawn Chorus

I got up early one morning on retreat and recorded the dawn chorus. The blackbirds usually start their singing about 4.30am and then the robins, wrens, tits and other birds join in. At the Seekers Trust their singing went on till about 10am and the birds were still active and calling all day.
There is something quite magical standing outside as the sky starts to lighten and the birds are all singing. I'm always surprised at how much noise a small bird like a wren can make!   link to video of the dawn chorus.
I also wrote a number of poems including one about the dawn chorus while I was there.

The Dawn Chorus

From every hedgerow, every field,
from every tree and every weald,
 sounds forth a salutation to the sun
as night times travels now are done.

Blackbird, robin, wren and thrush,
notes pour forth in tidal rush,
linnet warbler, sky lark high,
choral practise in the sky.

Lime tree filled with bird and song
or birdsong shaped as lime tree strong.

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