Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chelsea Fringe and street art.

Along side the Chelsea Flower Show this time of year there a few other events including the Chelsea Fringe and Chelsea in Bloom. As part of the Chelsea Fringe  website here  I went down to St Leonard's church in Shoreditch to see their entry, the church yard decorated with oranges and lemons. St Leonard's is the church mentioned in the traditional nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons, "when I grow rich said the bells of Shoreditch"
Link to the history of the nursery rhyme here   Mediterranean plants, astro turf and oranges and lemons decorated the pillars of the church and front courtyard. there were deck chairs and a fruit drink to enjoy while looking at the books for sale. The church can seem a bit forbidding, but the new garden was bright and welcoming.

I went for a walk around the Old Street/ Great Eastern street end of Shoreditch looking for the changing street art. There were some great murals which I photographed. While in one of the car parks taking photos a workman asked me why I was taking photos of the art/graffiti. I said i was interested in street art and took  photography on the streets. He went away a bit bemused and I could see him chatting to his mates and looking at me as I carried on taking photos. I can sometimes forget that not everyone shares my interests!

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