Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mr Punch's 350th birthday celebrations.

Part of the mass photoshoot with an Indian professor and his Punchand Judy.
Earlier in the month I went to Covent Garden to watch and photograph the celebrations for Mr Punch (from Punch and Judy) 350th birthday. It was Samuel Pepys who first saw Mr Punch in Covent garden in 1662. I am interested in our folk traditions and Punch and Judy have been part of our culture for a really long time.

The only Japenese professor with his Mr Punch.
It was interesting to see the same looks of fear and apprehension on some childrens faces at some of the many styles of Mr Punch and the scarey crocodile. I remember being scared of the crocodile as a child watching punch and Judy at the seaside.
The Bournemouth Carnival band leading the procession.

There was an international gathering of professors as they are called and the colouful striped booths set up in the courtyard at Covent garden. The Bournemouth Carnival Band lead a procession of the professors and puppets around the market. They later gathered for a mass photo shoot and performances went on during the day.

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