Saturday, August 05, 2006

Flowers and new work

The Morning Glory flowers from one set of seeds have been amazing this year, they are the deep purple/blue ones. We're waiting with growing anticipation for the other varieties to show their colours amid the luxuriant foliage, in other words they are all leaf and no flowers at the moment.

A couple of pictures here, I really like the semi sci-fi appearance with the pale white centres of the flowers allowing the light to shine through.

Other work over the last few weeks has been finnishing some more of my zodiac series of paintings. I have finnished 6 at the moment, the latest 2 here, Aries and Pisces. I have also been painting a variety of small boxes, some of which have spiritual connections or uses, and will be part of my exhibition in September.

Getting into the painting of objects made me contemplate buying a high backed chair from a junk shop, but the reality of a tiny flat without a spare room came to mind and I resisted, for the moment!

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