Saturday, August 05, 2006

Suprise Audio Download

Ruth has been working to get some audio available to download from this site, I am excited about this new possibility. For the moment it is an MP3 of some of the Dawn Chorus from my retreat at the Seekers Trust in Addington. I was walking in the woods and down the lane from about 4am till 5.30am really enjoying the birds calling and singing and the pale sunlight and slight mistiness among the trees. One of the large Lime trees seemed to be alive with birdsong I wondered how the tree must feel to be vibrating with the sounds.

I went out at other parts of the day as well recording walking down to the bus stop and at sunset, with just a little digital recorder, more downloads hopefully in the future.

I have also been out and about taking posters and leaflets about our workshops in the Autumn, still a lot more publicity to be done. Balancing the business side of my work and actually painting ect with my spiritual practise and home, friends and family, is quite an art. I haven't managed it yet.

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