Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Exhibition

I went along to the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy last week, it was their late opening and the weather was warm rather than the heatwave of late, a lovely evening to be in the city centre.
I took a few photos of the sculptures in the courtyard, the Damien Hirst The Virgin Mother I did quite like, the Untitled Red/Brown painted timber lengths by Phylida Barlow didn't do a lot for me, but the granite Warts And All by Peter Randall-Page looked good, particulaly with the water fountains around it.

Inside I had one of the lists of works and went round making a note of what works had sold, what a bean feast for the R.A, an awful lot of the works had sold, I wonder how much commission they will end up making? I could have a go working it out and make a new piece of work about it.

In some rooms all the work had sold and with the prints a number of editions had sold out and some were 50 to 100 editions. I can see why artists want to get into the Summer Exhibition, I'll have to try next year! Actually I was really pleased to see all the work that had sold, it is hard for most artists to sell work, and it showed that a lot of the more general public must be buying art as well.

I made a note of some artists that I liked, to look them up later and I must admit that I was tempted by some prints including some by Christopher Le Brun, who works with mythical themes But there is no money for that at the moment maybe when I sell a lot of work........

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