Friday, October 20, 2006

digital working

Down with some virus this week or so, I have made the most of not being able to get out as much as I'd like by experimenting with some digital processes on some of my photographs and paintings.

This has been very exciting for me as I'm not that good generally on the computer. So I now have dozens and dozens of saved images awaiting printing and some I've sent off for. There are some I particularly like which I'll turn into cards, images here.

Others are rather wierd, but I like them.
I can see this will be a whole new adventure for me!

I am also getting my other cards together to try to sell some more, I am looking for a venue, but haven't had much luck yet. Still waiting to get the web page sorted with some of them for sale.

I will start the cold calling on card shops soon. It's getting the proffessional image sorted, and the practical as well.

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