Friday, October 20, 2006


This Autumn I've started a printmaking class, just a basic one, but it's good to have the presses and company of other creative souls. This week I am pleased with one of my lino prints, one of trees,

I haven't done much lino or printmaking before, so it's good to explore these mediums a bit more. I am hoping to bring my ideas for artists books together with this printmaking work.

The Candid Gallery near the Angel had a recent series of art fairs and there were some photographers and printmakers that I liked very much. Kate Leney showed some lovely woodblocks and one of my favourite subjects trees. Her large scale work was brilliant and if I had the money I would buy one. They can be seen at

Anthony Bliss was also showing a series of photgraphs entitled Londonhaunts, which were very atmospheric and appealed to me very much. His work can be seen at
It always impresses me that there are so many artists out in the world producing great work. How can we fill peoples homes and workplaces with lots of art?

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