Friday, October 20, 2006

Hayward show and new work

On a very wet day last week I met up with a friend to see the Hayward exhibition on British art.
I think it was about showing the range of styles/movements that British artists have been involved with.
It was a mixed bag of work, painting, sculpture, video etc. Interesting now trying to remember what stood out for me there, maybe the Barbara Hepworth sculptures,

The internal concrete walls and stairwell in the Hayward, with their impressed woodgrain patterns from the shuttering used in the construction used to seem innovative years ago. Maybe it was years ago. Now I look at the Hayward and think that it hasn't aged well, despite the refit. I'm not sure what was done, apart from seeing that the cafe is now near the entrance.

I've been working on some new snowflake pictures, just small ones with acylic and pencil crayon. In the spirit of celebration, I might experiment with glitter! some pics here

The acylics that I painted before have been difficult to scan in. Apparantly they stop the scanner working, so I need to take some photos of them first I'll put them up later.

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